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Discover the beauty of Lake Como with our Made in Italy Boat Services: Boat Rental Como, Boat Tour Como and Boat Chauffeur Como.

Boat Rental Como


Explore the beauty of Lake Como and enjoy a special day with a boat rental Como service. We offer you boats with and without a license requirement to fulfill every need.

Boat Tour Como


Discover Lake Como and its villas with an experienced guide who will take you on a journey of discovery and knowledge of this unique and special place.

Boat Chauffeur


Tailored service for discerning clients who want the best of the best. We can pick you up wherever you want and drive you anywhere. Maximum discretion and professionalism guaranteed.

Where We Are

You can find us in Lezzeno - Como Lake

A strategic location just minutes from Como in one of its beautiful lakeside villages. Here you will find ample free parking for your cars, typical trattorias and restaurants on the lake, a little beach with a pier from which to dive, and, of course, our wonderful boats ready for your chosen service. If you want you can also decide to have them pick you up in Como or another location to do Boat Rental Como service by self-driving in the beautiful lake.

lezzeno airon marine boat services
Address: Via Fornace 78, 22025 Lezzeno CO

The Airon Marine Style

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You Deserve the Best.

Choosing Airon Marine means choosing 100% Italian and Como-based quality service that has continued to satisfy customers for more than 50 years. Are you on vacation and/or looking for a special occasion? You deserve the best! You deserve an Airon Marine experience! Choose your boat, choose your service, contact us and that’s it, you just have to enjoy a wonderful experience on Lake Como.

100% Quality

Unique style and quality that only Airon Marine can provide.

Luxury Services

The ultimate perfect service: professionality, luxury and discretion all in one.

Be a Captain

Drive a Boat and go everywhere you want to go with Boat Rental Como.

Know the Lake

Discover Lake Como and its wonderful places with Boat Tour on lake Como.

All you can Dream on Lake Como

Boat Services: rent, tour and chauffeur

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